November 2-6, 2006:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Having never visited Toronto, Ontario, before, I was quick to accept an offer to visit my friends Lee Rumohr and Melissa Veszi this month.

After a couple of days checking out the city, we headed down to Niagara Falls for a chilly look at a truly spectacular sight.  The water was beautifully lit with alternating colored spotlights.

Of course, the highlight of the trip was spending time with a couple of loving friends.

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Our first night in the Yorktown district of Toronto.

Drinks at Remy’s.

Melissa and I stopped in the local grocery for some breakfast.

Melissa smiles from the Movator in Loblaws.

A tasty selection of muffins makes everyone happy.

The Toronto skyline.







A first glimpse of the CN Tower.

The tallest building in the world... they say.

The CN Tower.

Disco Beaver advertising phone service!

Toronto at night.  Lee took me on a nice tour of the town.







At the Shaw Festival, watching “High Society”.

The village of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Getting out of the cold for a bit.

Our taxi to the casinos...

The new casino in Niagara Falls.

The Canadian horseshoe falls.







Inside the casino.

Lee and I on the way to the falls.

Yeah, it was a bit chilly.

A colored light show at the falls.

The Canadian falls.

Melissa and Lee.







Without a flash, the falls are visible.

Melissa and I pose for a pic.

Closer to the water.

Lee along the river.

In front of the falls.

The lights along River Drive.







Niagara Park was all lit up.

Blue Christmas lights.

Melissa entertains us, as always.

Melissa and

Lee and Melissa.

In front of the ferris wheel.







This is what happens when you miss the last bus home!

Followed by this...
napping in the lobby of a nice hotel.

Lee and I go grocery shopping.

My favorite grocery store!

Making spaghetti sauce.

Melissa and her friend Payal wait for dinner.







Lee and I gave Melissa a cake to celebrate a new acting gig.

Lee serves up dessert.

Melissa acts silly with her pal
Darryl, Lee, and Payal.

Lee escorts me to the airport via the Toronto subway.

It was pretty sad to be leaving so soon.

Making a quick stop downtown.











The Toronto Film Festival offices.

Looking up Desert Blood 10pm/9c in a Canadian bookstore!