November 2007:  Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving, I had more to be grateful for than ever.  Not only do I have a wonderful new job, but I also am living in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

I decided to stay put this year and let my loved ones come to me, so they could share in the wonders that Colorado has to offer.

Two of my closest friends, Francisco Hernandez and Joshua Coleman joined me for an unforgettable weekend in the Rockies!

Cisco and Bud get ready for our first winter hike.

Checking out the shelter on the trail.

The view from above the shelter.

Cisco discovers that Colorado rocks are cold!

Showing some love.

Bud stops to admire the waterfalls.







Cisco samples some fresh Rocky Mountain spring water.

A frozen waterfall.

Picking my way along the icy trail.

One of several slippery bridges.

A handcarved log provides a way

Bud and his dog, Hottie.







Hottie enjoys the snow, too.

The reason the Rockies are called the Rockies.

Snowy view.

Cisco finds a new home.

Pikes Peak or Bust.

The pond at Green Mountain Falls.







The Crystola Bar and Grill.

A game of shuffleboard.  Cisco is the champ.

A game of pool.  This time, Bud can’t be beat.

The Marshal’s office in Green Mountain Falls.

The Pine Gables.

Cisco and Hottie play around in Bud’s yard.







A walk through the dog park.

View from the Lower Gold Camp Road.

One of the tunnels along the road..

Slippery passage.

A frozen Helen Hunt Falls.

Cisco checks out the ice.







The view from above the falls.

A frozen creek.

Slippery rocks!

The Manitou Railway.

A gorgeous day in  the Garden of the Gods.

Cisco checks out some of the rock formations.







Garden of the Gods.

Cisco considers his chances.

Josh at the Gateway Rock.

Reading the dedication.

Cisco begins to climb...

...and finds a rock to sit on.







Josh waits at the bottom.

Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods.







Garden of the Gods.

The Balanced Rock.

A common resident in these parts.

Josh relaxes at home.

Cisco and I head to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo...

...where he makes new friends.








Getting intimate with a giraffe.

Checking out a colorful peacock.

Nice bird.

Mountain Goats!

A trip to Casa Bonita before heading home!