December 12, 2004:  Taste of Texas Restaurant

The weekend of December 11, 2004, marked the one-year anniversary of Nick’s Taste of Texas restaurant in their new location in Covina, California.

Taste of Texas is one of Nicholas Gonzalez’s favorite places to eat, and he is well-known and well-respected there.

Since Nick was in New York City filming an episode of “Law and Order: SVU”, he was unable to attend the festivities.

Since I like the place, too, I decided to attend.

Luckily, my buddy Nathan Marlow and his “Big Brother 4” fellow houseguest Michelle Maradie were willing to stop by and entertain the family-like crowd.  They signed autographs, posed for pictures, and donated a signed DVD copy of their show to a wonderful cause:  Honoring the memory of restauranteur Nick Martinez!

Nicholas was there in spirit and image, if not in person.  That was evident by the huge, signed “Resurrection Blvd” poster and his headshot on the walls.

As Nicholas Gonzalez’s webmaster, I made sure the crowd had plenty of signed postcards and entered the raffle to win a free lunch with the hot new star of NBC’s “Law and Order: SVU”!

The picture to the left is of the Budweiser Girls,
Michelle, Nathan, and a couple of the Laker Girl Cheerleaders...and Nick, of course!

Below are some more shots of our fun-filled morning:


Click to open pictures in separate pop-up windows:

Pat Martinez and her son Tommy were the perfect hosts and took great care of

Here’s a shot of Nate, Michelle, Tommy, and another guest.

The delicious food and fun atmosphere are what makes Taste of Texas so much fun!

Nathan, Michelle, and the Los Angeles Laker Girls were a hit with the crowd!

My son Gabriel and two of Michelle’s friends joined me and Nate for a GREAT Tex-Mex brunch.







Hmm...I wish I looked this good at breakfast!  Guess that’s why I’m the photographer, lol.

Michelle was visiting Los Angeles with two of her friends from Florida.

Pat Martinez and Michelle Bart made sure we had everything we needed...thanks!

Food, drinks, live music, balloons, and good company made for one great Fiesta event!