August 17, 2005:  A Trip to South Carolina


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Time for summer vacation again!  This year, I headed out with my buddy Francisco for the South Carolina low country near Hilton Head.

We flew into Atlanta and made a quick stop at Stone Mountain before heading south through the cities of Columbia and Charleston.

After a night of bar-hopping in Charleston and a trip out to Fort Sumter, we continued on our way to Fripp Island, where we joined my sister, her family, and my parents for an enjoyable few days at their beach house.  It was a great week!

The entrance to Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta, GA

The carving on the mountain, featuring Robert E. Lee

Here I am, posing in front of the mountain

A view of the grounds at Stone Mountain Park

A beautiful covered bridge in the park

Cisco playing Confederate Soldier

We stopped in Columbia, SC, to check out the capitol building

A view of the upper floors in the capitol building

Cisco makes a new friend outside of the Charleston Aquarium

On the boat ride out to Fort Sumter

Where the Civil War began...

Venturing outside the fort’s walls

Playing around one of the many cannons still at the fort

Inside the 200-year-old structure

The remains of the soldiers’ quarters

Cisco explores a tidal pool outside the fort

A look at some of the remaining cannons

An overhead view of the fort’s interior

The beach house on Fripp Island

Looking north along the private beach

Lots of clean, uncrowded sand!

The family settling in for a day in the sun

Cisco and I took a couple of my nephews exploring in the surrounding marshes

A view of the lowlands

The beach on Hunting Island

Playing with the boys on Hunting Island

The lighthouse on Hunting Island

Preparing to make the climb to the top

Looking for alligators in the swamps

Cisco and Liam prepare for more beach time

The water was warm and the surf fun

Playing in the waves

Looking for shells at sunset

Enjoying a meal of Frogmore stew at a local seafood restaurant

Cisco on the balcony outside our room

Having a beer in the warm South Carolina sun

A stop at the Gay Fish Company to see the shrimping boats

A “Forrest Gump” moment on the dock

The shrimping fleet at the Gay Fish Co.

Cisco takes a closer look at the boats

Cisco prepares for another day of fun

The Mercer House in Savannah, site of the Garden of Good and Evil

Exploring one of Savannah’s many parks

Cisco takes a look at the Oglethorpe statue in Savannah

Another “Forrest Gump” moment

Enjoying a feast at Mrs. Wilkes restaurant

Feeling full after the meal

Back to exploring Savannah’s parks

Cisco leads my nephews across one of the many tree-lined streets

Savannah architecture

Down along the Savannah river

On the waterfront

Cisco enjoys some shopping at Blackbeard’s Booty Store

The famous “Waving Girl” of Savannah

What would a trip to the South be without a stop at Piggly Wiggly?