November, 2004:  Thanksgiving in Rome

Nothing is better than spending the Thanksgiving holiday with your family...
unless you’re spending it with two of your best friends in Rome!

My buddies Josh and Mario and I took off for Italy in November, 2004, where we spent six fun-filled days exploring the cities of Rome, Naples, and Pompeii.

There was plenty of food, wine, and good times in this place of ancient ruins and
jaw-dropping museums.

Take a look at some pics from our adventure here

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Josh and Mario outside the Coliseum

Waiting in line to enter the Vatican Museums

The entrance to the Vatican Museums

The spiral staircase inside the museum

Mario enjoying the treasures of the Vatican

Josh playing around again inside St. Peter’s Cathedral

Josh at the monument to Victor Emmanuel II in the Piazza Venicia








Josh and Mario at the monument to Victor Emmanuel II

Josh enjoying our Thanksgiving meal at the Coliseum

On the way to the Pantheon

Mario buys a beer outside the Vatican

Josh posing for one more picture with the Coliseum

On the streets of Rome

Checking out the Mediterranean Sea in Naples

Listening to Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square

Meeting with friends outside of St. Peter’s

The famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Josh playing around inside the Vatican Museums

Josh and I on the steps of the monument to Victor Emmanuel II






Josh and Mario wander the square outside the Pantheon

Josh strikes a pose on the way to lunch

Sharing a bottle of wine...the first of many

Hanging out with the locals at the street market

Josh soaks up the Roman sun and the spectacular view of the of Forum






Josh and Mario enjoy the great weather in the Forum

On the bus to Pompeii

The rain seemed appropriate when touring this place

Josh at the ruins of Pompeii

Trying to stay dry on what turned out to be a VERY wet afternoon