October 12-17, 2011:  Moscow

Having spent most of the last year finishing some college courses and working on my newest manuscript, I didn’t have much time to travel.

That changed this October, when I headed off to Russia with Gabriel and my buddy Nathan for a few days in Moscow.  We explored the capital city, visiting Red Square, the Kremlin, the cathedrals, and the many museums.  We even popped in to see Lenin’s perfectly-preserved corpse!

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Gabi and Nate wasted no time trying to look the part.

Heading to Red Square.  The imposing red-brick building is is the Historical Museum.

Inside the entrance of the Historical

The museum houses a fascinating array of over 20,000 Russian exhibits.

There was an impressive collection of
chain-mail and weaponry.

In addition to the exhibits, every inch of the place was exquisitely decorated.







A giant wooden globe owned by Peter the Great in 1697.

Inside the Historical

Across from the museum is the small Kazan Cathedral.

One of the many sculptures outside the Manezh Mall Food Court.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Trying to stay dry outside the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.







The Hotel Katerina Park.

Red Square at night is breathtaking.  The is the Kazan Cathedral.

The back of the Historical

The Kremlin.

The GUM shopping center on the east side of the square.

One of the Kremlin gates.







St. Basil’s Cathedral at night is the highlight of Red Square.

With Nate and Gabi in front of
St. Basil’s.

Bronze statue commemorating Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin.

Nate’s friend Mindy joined us for our first night on the town.

The back side of St. Basil’s.

Ivan the Terrible built the cathedral in 1552.







A view of Red Square with the Kremlin on the left, St. Basil’s on the right, and the GUM in the

The Moscow River with the Kremlin the right and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on the left.

The Moscow

The Kremlin Wall with the Cathedral of the

A stroll along the river, next to the Kremlin’s south wall.

 The Kremlin’s south wall.







Gabi at the Kremlin wall.

Alexander Gardens on the north side of the Kremlin.

One of the administrative buildings inside the Kremlin.

Another of the Kremlin gates.

The Kremlin.

Monument to the old Kremlin wall.







Naturally, we had to play around.

Nate and Mindy inside the old Kremlin wall.

Lion statue atop the old wall.

The Kremlin.

Monument to the old Kremlin wall.

Circling back around to the Historical







The Historical Museum with the Statue of Marshal Zhukov in front.

In 1944, Zhukov lifted the siege of Leningrad, before pushing back the Germans and capturing Berlin in 1945.

The entrance to Red Square is via the Resurrection Gate, to the left.

The Resurrection Gate is a copy of the original demolished by Stalin to allow easier access to the square.

Looking back at the Historical Museum and the Kremlin.

We rode the Metro a lot while we were there!







Tepemok.  Fast food,

Monument of Russian Prince Yuri Dolgoruki.

The streets of Moscow, outside the Kremlin.

A beautiful grocery store in town...

...with quite the selection of cheeses!

Grocery Store.







Cakes and pastries.

Grocery Store.

Busy street

Dinner at Pizza Express!

Mindy and Nate at Pizza Express.

After a great first day, we woke up to Day 2!


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