September 16-19, 2006:  Los Angeles, California

My good friend Michelle moved from Wisconsin to Los Angeles this weekend to attend graduate school.  It was a perfect opportunity to go down there, help her get settled, and have some fun!

My buddy, actor Lee Rumohr, joined us for some thrill rides at Six Flags, exploring the town, and visiting the beach.

Lee’s fans will recognize him from his roles on Smallville, Queer as Folk, and Mutant X.  Check out his website for pix and video clips!

It was an amazing time and a great way to head into Fall!

Click to open pictures in separate pop-up windows:

After a long day of helping Michelle move in, it was good to simply relax!

Michelle and Lee prepare to ride Tatsu.

At the entrance to Tatsu.

Hiking to the top of the mountain.

It was one coaster after another.  Luckily, there were no lines!

Taking a break to check messages.







Posing in front of Superman, the ride.

Lee and Michelle take a second spin on Batman.

Before riding Scream.

After riding Scream.

A view of Tatsu from the park entrance.

We look pretty good for feeling so nauseous.







Lunch at In-N-Out was in order.

Lee orders and eats his Animal Style.

Lee acting silly in Beverly Hills.

Lee and Larry check out Lee’s website.

We celebrated Nathan’s birthday while there...I gave him a new camera like mine.

Hanging out at Nate’s.







Lee relaxes in Michelle’s & Hans’s new digs.

An afternoon on Venice Beach.

Good friends.

Lee and Michelle explore the

Collecting shells.

Lee and Michelle.








Lee convinces Michelle to pose for a picture.

Michelle had no idea what she was in for...

...until it was too late!

Lee and Michelle get a real taste of Venice!

I get into a picture, too!