September - October, 2006:  Los Angeles, California

With my good friends Lee Rumohr and Melissa Veszi visiting from Toronto, I’ve spent the last four weekends in LA, enjoying as much of their company as possible.

With Michelle, Hans, Nathan, and Josh all living down there, we were never at a loss for company.

I’ve been to LA countless times, so I was surprised to find myself doing things and going places I’d never thought of before!

The photos on this page are a compilation of the last few weekends...enjoy!

Click to open pictures in separate pop-up windows:

The Barefoot Bar in Malibu.

Enjoying a lunch outside on the beachside patio.

Venice High School, where the movie “Grease” was filmed.

Lee, Melissa, and Michelle strike a pose in front of the school.

Lee and Michelle.

Lee acting goofy out on the track.







Quite the attractive look...

The 50 Yard Line!

Posing in the bleachers.

Lee Rumohr

Stocking up on snacks before the movie.

Cookies & cake!







The “Grease”
pre-show in the school

Watching “Grease” at Venice High.

After the show.

Lee on the set of a movie.  There’s some real talent there...

Coffee break.

Venice sunset.







Venice beach at sunset.

Lee and Melissa.

California palms.

Josh made us some great raspberry mojitos at Chaya.

Outside Chaya.

Breakfast at Square One.







Universal City Walk.

The girls played around...

...while Lee hung with me.

Universal Studios

On the red carpet.

Hans, Melissa, Allie, Michelle and Josh on the Santa Monica Pier.







A quick lunch in the Santa Monica Place food court.

On the Promenade.

Melissa and Michelle find something they like at A&F.

Jamba Juice.

Hans, Melissa, Michelle, and Allie at California Pizza Kitchen.

Melissa shows off my masterpiece.







Checking out the flowers at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Breakfast with Kenny.

Josh and I spent a fun afternoon catching up.

Michelle tries her hand at bowling.

Lee in Beachwood Canyon.

Gabi joins us for a hike in the canyon.







Lee agrees to be the photographer.

Lee and Michelle.

Melissa strikes a pose.

Melissa and Michelle.

Lee and Melissa.

More bowling!







Saturday night at the Pinz Lanes.

Dinner at Sushi Dan.

Michelle, Kenny, and Melissa.

An unpleasant development for Matt!

Gabi fetches the missing tire.

Josh poses for a fun little photo shoot in Santa Monica.