August 19-20, 2006:  Los Angeles, California

I escaped the Bay Area for a couple of days and headed south, where I spent a relaxed weekend with my buddy Nathan Marlow.

It was two full days of simply lounging around talking, movies, late night meals and enjoying each other’s company.

The weather was fantastic, so we hit the beaches on Sunday, spending time in Venice and Santa Monica.  We walked along the boardwalk, checked out the Santa Monica Pier, and did a bit of shopping at the many vendor stands.

It was exactly the break I needed, and I can’t imagine a better time with a better friend.

Neither one of us was really in much of a picture-taking mood, but I did manage to fire off a few snaps anyway...enjoy!

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The weather was perfect for a day at Venice Beach.

The beachfront is filled with dozens of fun places to shop.

Nathan is all about the
jewelry...we both ended up with some cool necklaces.

Venice is filled with goofy, colorful artwork, like these dancing animals!

Strolling along the beachfront in Venice.

Nathan found some bracelets that he liked.







Bartering with the vendor for the best deal.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Nathan shops for more jewelry!

Working our way towards the actual beach...

Checking out the Santa Monica







Not a cloud in the sky...

The Santa Monica Pier.

Nathan strikes a pose on the boardwalk.

We weren’t the only ones with the idea to hit the beach!

Who says LA is smoggy?

Even the traffic was good on this weekend!










Nathan bought us lunch at his favorite Mexican taco stand.

Take a look at the menu...yum.

Looking tired after a long weekend.