May 21-27, 2009:  Ireland

It has been a recent dream of mine to visit the Emerald Isle, so this past St. Patrick’s Day, I let the green fever wash over me and booked a trip to Dublin for Gabi, my sister Kelly, and myself.

It was great to finally get a chance to see places I’d long heard about or read about in books.  We started our journey in Dublin before heading into the countryside to explore some of the more rural parts of the island.

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Heading out into the streets of Dublin.

A traditional Irish pub.  Later that night, it was standing room only!

Grafton Street in Dublin.

Colorful street with St. Ann’s.

Trinity College.

He looks smarter than I do...that’s for sure.







Trinity College was founded in 1592.

One of the many exquisite buildings on campus.

Trinity College is home to the Book of Kells.

Watching a game of cricket.

Trinity College.

Back on Grafton St.







Dinner at Bewley’s Cafe.

The canal near our hotel.

A stroll through
St. Stephens Green.

St. Stephens Green is a lovely park in the center of Dublin.

A little out of place in a crowded Irish pub!

Off to the Irish countryside.  This was in County Wicklow.







The town of Laragh.

The entrance to St. Kevin’s Cemetery.

St. Kevin’s Cemetery is situated on the site of an early Irish monastery.

A path through the cemetery.

A typical Irish sight--grazing sheep!

The cathedral on the site.







The cathedral housed even more headstones.

The ruins of the cathedral.

St. Kevin’s church.

A pair of stone horses on the grounds.

Ireland is full of rivers and streams.  And every one of them is nice.

Green everywhere you look!







A view of the monastery site.

A picturesque stream.

I needed to be a part of it!

Glendalough--the land between the lakes.

Heading out to the lower lake.

The lower lake.







Even the trees were green!

The forests there were magical...
straight out of a movie.

The path to the upper lake.

Shamrocks were everywhere.  It was very cool.

Another breathtaking stream.

A lush hillside in the forest at Wicklow Mtns National Park.







The Poulanass waterfall.

Gabi gets a closer look.

Reefert Church.

Reefert Church.

Another lush meadow.

A pub lunch at the  Wicklow Heather before continuing our travels.


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