May 22-29, 2007:  Belgium, Austria, and Germany

Memorial Day Weekend is always a good time for my son, Gabriel, and I to take off and explore some interesting places.  This year, we decided to head over to Europe and check out Southern Germany, Austria, and the Bavarian Alps.

Our trip began in Brussels, then moved on to Salzburg, Vienna, and Munich.  Along the way, we visited such interesting sites as Hitler’s Eagles Nest, Marie Antoinette’s Sch÷nbrunn Palace, the concentration camp at Dachau, and many of the locations filmed in The Sound of Music.

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The Grand'Place, at the center of old Brussels.

The King’s House in the
Grand'Place.  It is now a city museum.

Quaint shop in Bruxelles.

Gabi explores some of the neighborhood...

...and finds an “interesting” new friend.

Brussels is famous for its sweets, which is fine by me.







Old Europe is pretty big on

The Cathedral St. Michael’s, founded in 1047.

The interior of
the Cathedral.

Back at the Grand'Place.

Brussels architecture.

Taking a waffle break in front of the Town Hall.







Belgian waffle with chocolate and whipped cream.

Rubbed smooth since the 1300’s.

Along the Grand'Place

The Grand'Place is still used as a market place.

Picturesque Belgian street.

No shortage of chocolate shops.







Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Spain Square.

Brussel’s famous Manneken-Pis, or “Pissing Boy”.

This little guy
has been pissing since 1619!

Even Coke loves the piss!  Kinda gross...

A farmer’s market in Salzburg, Austria.

Our Salzburg hotel was quite nice.







All aboard the “Sound of Music” bus.

The Mirabell Garden in Salzburg.

One of the Borghesian fencers at the Markartplatz entrance.

Entrance to The Grand Parterre.

The Grand Parterre, with the Mirabell Castle.

Covered walkways are a fun part of the garden.







The Zwergerlgarten or “Salzburg dwarf garden".

The Pegasus fountain is the centerpiece of the Small Parterre.

The infamous
“Do Re Mi” steps!

The Mirabell Garden with the Hohensalzburg Fortress in the background.

Another view of the Pegasus fountain.

A unicorn statue seems totally appropriate in the garden.







A final view of Mirabell.

Yes, we really did ride all over Salzburg in this bus!  Thank goodness there was beer

The Austrian village of Mondsee,
outside of Salzburg.

The Mondsee Cathedral over the town.

Austrian countryside.

The Mondsee Lake region.







Gabi hangs out with Wolfgang in Mondsee.

In Mondsee Cathedral the film wedding between Maria and the Baron von Trapp took place.

The inside of
the cathedral.

Loved the colorful buildings in Mondsee.  The food was good, too!

Mondsee, Austria.

Entering the lake region outside of Salzburg.







Gabi enjoys a beer on the tour.

The lake region around Untersberg.

A plaque at Hellbrunn Castle, where the
pavilion resides.

The “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” pavilion.

The area around Salzburg was as green and lush as any we’d ever seen.

 Leopoldskron Castle: The fašade facing the lake served as one of the views on the house of the Trapp family.







This is the back of the Leopoldskron Castle.

A view of the castle lake.


The Monastery Mulln and the Augustiner Brewery.

One of the bridges over the Salzach River.

Austrian lunch!







Mozart’s family house in

The Mozart family lived in Mozart's residence from 1773 to 1787.


The Festung Hohensalzburg, a fortress overlooking the city.

Gabi explores inside the

The castle dates back to 1077.







A view of the Untersberg from the fortress.



The Hohensalzburg Fortress.

A Salzburg

The sun sets over the River Salzach.


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