April 26, 2005 -- My buddy Joshua Coleman joined me for five fun days in San Antonio, Texas, to celebrate Fiesta ‘05 with Nicholas and his family.

From nights at NIOSA to days spent under the hot Texas sun, we had a great time and got a chance to visit dear friends.

One of the highlights of the trip included a look at the new Museo Americano in San Antonio’s historic Market Square.  Opening in 2006, the museum will house an extensive collection of Latino art, demonstrations, and exhibits.

Be a part of it!  Click here for more information.

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Josh getting ready to enjoy the day parade on Friday.

Josh and Sylvia at the day parade.

Watching the day parade with Nicholas.

Sylvia, Rose, Nick, and Josh at the day

Josh watches the parade passing.






Nick and the director of operations for The Alameda, Ruth Medellin.

Nick and Ruth at the signing on Saturday.

Josh and Sylvia pose for a photo in front of one of the museum’s colorful walls.

Nick signs a postcard for my pal Gina and her daughter Mariah.

Getting ready to take a tour of the museum.  The building is expected to open in 2006.






Nick and Josh outside the

Nick and his mom, Sylvia, at the appearance for the Museo Americano.

Nick is well protected during his signing!

Nick is visited by his mom as the crowd in Market Square builds.

Nick discussing the event with Ruth.






Gina poses for a photo with Mario at lunch.

Josh playing around before lunch at Mi Tierra restaurant.

Josh after two margaritas!

Josh, Dona, Nick, and Sylvia sat to my right.

Mario joins the Alameda staff to my left.






Nick and Mario show off the poster for the event.

Nick and Mario are joined by Rosemary Kowalski, a member of the Alameda

Waiting for the Fiesta Flambeau Parade to begin.

Nicholas and Sylvia appear in the Fiesta Flambeau Parade on Saturday night.

Nick greets his fans and signs a few autographs during the parade.






Watching the parade with friends

The after-party at the Valencia Hotel

Nick and Josh pose with fans at the

Grabbing a quick bite to eat after a long day.

Saying goodbye before heading home!