September 14-24, 2008:  Egypt

After settling into a new home and new job last year, it was time to fulfill a lifelong dream and visit the Land of the Pharaohs--Egypt.

I could think of no other person better suited to join me than my best buddy from Canada, Lee Rumohr.  Lee shares my passion for traveling and quickly jumped at the chance to cruise the Nile, explore the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, crawl through the cramped interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and take a camel ride through the desert.

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After a day spent in NYC, we headed to the airport for our flight to Cairo on Egypt Air.

Twelve hours
later, we were on the other side of the world having lunch!

To kill some time before our flight to Aswan, we visited a bazaar for some shopping.

A typical street bazaar in Cairo.

Despite all the great junk for sale, Lee still found himself empty-handed.

Here’s a sight you see on practically every corner:  A mosque!







Locals rest outside one of the mosques.

The Cairo traffic was chaotic, but everyone seemed to know what
they were doing.

Our first full day starts with more shopping at yet another bazaar...

...making us almost late for our boat!

Lee quickly makes friends with fellow travelers Dan and Dana.

The port on Lake Nassar.







Heading out to the Temple of Philae.

The outer walls of the Temple of Philae.

Inside the temple grounds.

The decorative pillars of the First Court at Philae.

Our guide, Ossama, talks to us about Horus, Isis, and Hathor.

The outer wall of Philae features Horus and Isis.







A cat rests in the shade inside the second court at Philae.

Heading deeper into the temple.

Lee explores some of the thousands of hieroglyphs inside Philae.

Crawling around the outer walls of the temple and seeking shade!

Lee poses for a shot in Philae.

Lake Nassar in the background.







Hathor was honored with a shrine at Philae, the main sanctuary of Isis.

Posing for a shot in front of the temple.

The Temple of Philae.

The Romans built their own temple on the site many years later.

Returning to

The city of Aswan, on the way to the High Dam.







The land is an eclectic mix of water and

...surrounded by the desert.

The memorial was set up to commemorate the completion of the dam in 1971.

The High Dam at Aswan provides most of Egypt’s electricity.

Lee at the top of the Aswan High Dam.

A garden grows in the desert...







Lake Nassar stretches 317 miles to the

The port at

A view of Aswan.

One of the many cemeteries we saw on our trip.

Lee strikes a pose at the granite quarry.

From this quarry, the Egyptians removed much of the stones used for building.







With my buddies William and Cara.

The quarry at Aswan.  (Yes, it was very hot!)

The unfinished obelisk is a huge draw.

Our cruise ship, The Queen of Sheba.

On our way up the Nile.

The view of the riverbank was gorgeous.







Being served High Tea in the afternoon.

Locals on the shore.

A fantastic sunset over the Nile.

The sun setting over the water.

The top deck of the ship was the place to be!

The Temple of Kom Ombo near Edfu was started in about 150 BC.







It was fun to see the hieroglyphs at night.

Exploring Kom Ombo at night.

The double entrance to Kom Ombo Temple

There was a full moon that night that added to the beauty!

Well-preserved paintings adorned the ceiling.

The temple was in honor of the crocodile god Sorek.


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