September, 2006:  Colorado

Hans and I spent the Labor Day weekend in Colorado, where we visited some friends, explored some of the state, and enjoyed the last days of summer by doing some hiking and outdoor adventuring.

The weekend began with a barbecue at my friend Suzanne’s house in Castle Rock, where we feasted on grilled pork chops, roasted corn, and fresh asparagus.

It was good to see her and a great way to start our trip!

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Hans was quick to climb any and every rock he saw.

This stream was up in North Cheyenne Canyon.

Hans finds a place to call home in the Rocky Mountains!

The view from the trail on Mt. Cutler.

Near the summit of the mountain.

The city of Colorado Springs in the distance.

At the summit of Mt. Cutler, looking west.

Along the trail up Mt. Cutler.

A view of Seven Falls in the distance.

Hiking around the top of the mountain.

The view looking east, back towards
Colorado Spring.

The thin air takes its toll on Hans.

Coming down the mountain the hard way!

Further up the canyon, we made a stop at Helen Hunt Falls.

The falls were named after pioneer Helen Hunt Jackson.

Enjoying some cold, fresh Colorado stream water.

The stream that feeds the falls.

Hans sits and admires the impressive view from the top.

Taking a break in one of Colorado’s many streams.

Another hike took us up above the falls.

Doing some exploring on the Upper Gold Camp Road.

Most of the best scenery is enjoyed on foot!

Colorado wildflowers were everywhere.

Strolling through Acacia Park in Colorado Springs.

Dodging Colorado traffic!

We spent Labor Day up in the mountains, with a visit to the original South Park.

The South Park Chamber of Commerce.

Even Mr. Hanky was there to greet us.

The main street of Old South Park City.

Inside the chapel, Hans checks out one of the prayer books.

There are more than 35 fascinating buildings and museums to visit.

Hans poses for a portrait.

The buildings and wagons are all

Outside the South Park train depot.

Hans gets to be engineer for a day.

Part of the South Park train on display.

The view west,
towards the Continental Divide.

Hans outside the taxidermy shop.

The buildings were open for enjoyment and relaxation.

Hans helps himself
to a jug of fun.

The fun became work when Hans tried his hand at mucking out a stable.

Checking out the blacksmith’s shop.

The life of the pioneers was captured in an odd collection of diaoramas.

Inside the original South Park school.

Hans at the school.

I couldn’t help but be morbidly fascinated by this bone of Zebulon Pike.

A few of the visitors to the city were on horseback.

Hans experiences life before cellulars.

Outside the doctor’s office.

Hans in the saloon, playing a hand of cards.

Inside the saloon, messing around with the art!

The Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs.

Hiking into the

Another chance for Hans to climb a rock!

One of the gateway rocks in the park.

We spent some time doing some hiking and climbing.

Inside the garden.

Hans was all over the rocks in that place.

The day was beautiful and warm.

Preparing to leave for home after a great holiday weekend!