January 20-23, 2006:  American Library Association Midwinter Meeting

The American Library Association held their annual midwinter meeting in San Antonio, Texas, this year.  Being a fan of the city and having many wonderful friends there, I immediately made plans to attend.

As a new author, the entire experience was eye-opening.  I learned a lot about the way books are presented and marketed to librarians and teachers.

It was a great trip, full of learning, fun, and lots of free books!

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The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Entering the convention center, where the main event was held

I heard the estimated attendance was

Heading into the exhibit area

A look at the Simon & Schuster display






Prowling the floor for books was a large part of the fun

Banderas hanging in el Mercado

Enjoying a dinner at La Margarita with my editors and friends

The margaritas were amazing, as usual

Strolling through the marketplace at night






Having fun in the marketplace

Hitting the town with my buddies, Jeff and Ben

Drinking coffee down on the Riverwalk

Exploring the Riverwalk area

Ben and Jeff pose for a photo in front of the Alamo








Striking a pose

Checking out some tunes at the Starbucks

Heading home after a fun night